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51,000 Clipart Images September 17, 2006

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51,000 Clipart Images – Set 1 – Animals
Posted by :: Triton |
Date :: Sep 17, 2006 18:03:00
Clipart Images from a 51,000 Image Collection
Set 1 – Animals
WMF format | 49Mb | 2,067 images
51000 Clipart Animals

Thumbnail catalog in HTML format

This is the first in a series that I will upload. I know it’s not the
greatest format, but you can always convert them to something else
using irfanview or some other tool.

Download from Rapidshare:
51,000 Clipart – Set 1 – ANIMALS (49Mb)


2 Responses to “51,000 Clipart Images”

  1. MattGar Says:

    You shouldn’t do this.

  2. ztuff Says:

    also visit my blog for more useful free clipart.


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