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Marshall Sittig – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia October 22, 2006

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Marshall Sittig – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia
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Date :: Jun 30, 2006 13:00:00
Marshall Sittig – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia
e-book | pdf | 2nd Edition | 2 Volume Set | 1756 pages | 21.36 MB

Best-selling Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia, in its second
edition is more than double the size of the previous edition.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia describes manufacturing
processes for approximately 1,300 pharmaceuticals currently marketed as
trade-name products around the world.

Each pharmaceutical entry contains the following information:
Therapeutic Function
Chemical Name
Common Name
Structural Formula
Chemical Abstracts Registry Number
Trade Names for Different Countries and Manufacturer’s Name
Raw Materials
Manufacturing Process

Pertinent process information has been obtained from the patent
literature, and references for other synthetic methods and pharmacology
are cited.

A 2000-entry Raw Materials Index will quickly tell you in which drugs
the raw materials are utilized. A 12,000-entry Trade Name Index
completes the book.

Free of password.


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